Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Runner's Profile

There should be very few of these postings about the Thoughtful Runner - because that is not what this Blog is about; however, a few pictures may be useful to establishing a profile and to providing insight to this Runner's world. These tell a lot about him - with his youngest daughter, in the glorious majesty of the mountains with family, and finished with another half-marathon - in this case in New Jersey.

This is part of the runner's world - and part of the reason that world gives often pause for thought.

In The Beginning.....

In the beginning, there were no blogs; indeed, in the beginning there were no computers. But already there were forerunners - the need to communicate; the need to share thoughts and ideas; the forum and councils where information was evaluated and decisions reached to shape families, communities and nations.
Alas - we no longer live in the "beginning" - and I have been convinced that yes, even I, should have a blog. And perhaps I believe I might also have thoughts worth sharing, ideas worth vetting and the ability to receive feedback of value and thoughtful consideration.
And so with this introduction, I will start this blog - with no illusions of particular grandeur - but nonetheless convinced that this Thoughtful Runner may yet have an audience - however small - where resonance for ideas can be found.
Let the games begin.....