Saturday, February 27, 2010

RUNNING: A Year Without Glasses!

Last month I visited Hoopes Vision Center on the occasion of a one-year follow-up after my Lasik surgery. The appointment went extremely well and everything checked out according to expectations. According to the evaluation, I was seeing 20/20 and even reading reasonably well with material at a distance that didn't require a backpack excursion to place it somewhere.


Thinking back, I don't remember when I last didn't wear glasses. So, I went back through as many old family photos as I could find and the first photo of me with glasses I could find was in would you believe it was 42 years ago?? No doubt, there are many arguments that could be made about the merits of wearing glasses - I mean, look at all the historical fashion trends I reflected and the unmistakable fashion statements I made! However, when all is said and done, it's nice not having them on my nose. While it is true that I still - out of habit and on a relatively frequent basis - try to move them to a different position on my nose, it is nice having to retract my hand realizing it won't do any good anymore. My nose is there to stay!

Reflecting back on the 42 years I remember several failed experiments to wear contact lenses. I remember stitches above my eyes when elbows of basketball players decided my glasses were improperly positioned on my head. I remember a variety of methods to ensure my glasses stayed on my head when I no longer found myself upright on my water skis; those experiments were equally successful. (Dredging the bottom of Hyrum Reservoir would, no doubt, return multiple items whose return would have made my Mother much happier.) I even remember using m glasses on top of a camera lens to turn it into a zoom - with similar results. But the experiment I never really succeeded at trying, namely creating windshield wipers for them in the rain, will no longer be necessary.

After all these years knowing that the writer of the song: "When you walk through the rain, hold your head up high" was certainly NOT someone who wore glasses - I can now do it! And can still see afterwards!!

In all seriousness, I am extremely grateful that the surgery went so well and that I am seeing about as well as could possibly be expected. It's nice being able to buy several pair of sunglasses that wrap around and protect the eyes and don't cost a fortune.

And running one year without prescription eyewear?? Its been great!