Saturday, August 23, 2008

Running in the Family

No race report or update today - at least not for me personally - but just an attempt to capture some thoughts about running in the family. We just returned from Jordanelle State Park where we spent much of the day with Alysia (and many other family members) who was competing in her first ever triathlon! Congratulations, Buggy! She competed in a Sprint distance event and did great. I won't steal her thunder about the race, as I'm sure she will want to report on it, but it was just great being able to be there with her, provide what meager support we may have been able to give, and just enjoy the moment and accomplishment with her. We're proud of you!
I guess it was one of a number of things that again reinforced the meaning and value of family this week. When we got home a few hours ago - it was eerily quiet - not something we had experienced in the last week - and it, too, kind of sunk home. (That having been said, we DO expect Emily and the Boys back tonight!) So what all happened to bring home thoughts of family? For starters, last weekend there was a great set of events with virtually the entire family (on my side) here and together. We celebrated Karen's birthday on Sunday with a pasta spread extraordinaire (courtesy of Emily's culinary planning). On Monday we celebrated Emily's birthday with a really fun visit to a water park - again everyone there. Then of course, there was the call to Alysia on Wednesday evening with news of a potential heart for Grace. The family mobilized in anticipation, waiting, and lots of prayer. After 12 hours of surgery on Thursday, she came out with a new lease on life - with a grateful family for the heart and a very real awareness of the sacrifice and pain of a family now smaller. Although Grace is hardly out of the woods and has a long, difficult and dangerous road ahead for many months - her events took a toll on sleep - but one we have been glad to pay. Grace's news had come on the heels of some medical information that Karen had learned about that required some additional tests and consultation - and that is always unsettling, as well. (With more information still to come.)
Then there was today. I guess they all worked together to provide a pretty powerful reminder (again) of just how precious family is - and just how grateful I am to be running in this family - which has certainly not come about due to merit.
Thank you. And if there is perhaps any message in this post - run each race like it is your last.


Carl & Karen said...

Buggy is amazing, as we all know.
She sets her mind to something and BAM, gets it done and comes out on top. Go Bugster!! What a very exhilerating week this has been--thanks for your comments on it sweetie!

Love, Karen

Sara and Company said...

It has been quite a week for much and so many family, fun, stress, relief, prayers, miracles, hard work, and most importantly, family love and support. That was a beautiful post and you have an amazing family. I was so happy to spend some time with you all this week. And I'd be willing to watch Rachel during your little excursion if she would let me. Maybe you all could come over before and she could get used to me and my house. Let me know.

The Andersens said...

thanks so much for being there to be supportive of our little family this week daddy. you have been great. you've been to the hospital and back several times, lost out on sleep and been so supportive all around; for Grace and for me. thank you! you are the best dad around! i'm so glad I have the family I do and that they are as wonderful as you all are. let me know what happens with Karen's heart I wasn't even aware that something was possibly amiss!!
love you guys lots.
thank you!
love bugs

Super Daysh said...

Bug is such a studette muffin! I am still so impressed with her and her little family- especially that little Gracey! She is one tough cookie! Thanks for your sweet post on the little Bug- we all support you in saying she is quite amazing!

Mythreesons said...

hmmm.... you didn't sound too upset by the quiet and peace that welcomed you home Saturday afternoon.... I should take that as a hint, maybe? Nice post Dad, and Buggy is indeed awesome. I think it's amazing that she decided to do a triathalon and then just up and did it. It's almost inspiring. Almost being the key word. What a fantastic week we had!