Sunday, March 13, 2011


(18 November 2006)
Its not always easy to identify exactly where and when something started. For example, can you tell me when you had your first glass of Oreos and milk? Or perhaps when you bit your fingernails for the first time? Or even when or where you ran your first race? I have no idea when I ran my first competitive road race, nor could I tell you when Karen and I ran together for the first time. But if you get a bit more specific, sometimes you can pin it down. I DO know when Karen and I ran our first half-marathon together. We had enjoyed running together for quite some time, but during her pregnancy with Rachel, it was a convenient excuse not to run - as was the case for a month or two thereafter. However, when she realized she wasn't getting her weight back to pre-Rachel levels very quickly, she decided a running goal might help. And so we registered for the Valley of Fire State Park Half-Marathon. And on Saturday, 18 November 2006, we ran our first Half together. It was an inauspicious event, but looking back, quite a Running Start.

We would have been hard pressed to pick a better event to start running Half-marathons together. The course - though not without some significant hills - was in a spectacular setting of red rock and desert; it was a pretty small, intimate event that was reasonably well-supported; the weather was great; we were pretty well-prepared; and we had family (Alysia) with us to help us with Rachel.
(Thanks, Buggy! You got us off to a good start, even if we were so fast you missed our finish!) Notwithstanding the lame pasta dinner the night before, or even the rather run-down accommodations in a declining resort on Lake Mead for a couple of nights, we completed the goal we set out to do - probably even doing better than we might have expected (Karen finished second in her age group).
And little did we realize what we had set in motion. (Is there some saying about "humble beginnings"?)
I suspect I (we) have logged close to 5000, if not 6000 running miles since that event. There have been races across the country and even in foreign ones. But it started somewhere - in this case in the Valley of Fire. And that would be the message of this race and this event. Whatever we do - and whenever we do it - it is a step somewhere, in some direction. We may not know today where that step will take us, but taking it with commitment, purpose and with an effort worthy of who we are, will always be to our advantage - and just may make much more of a difference than we would ever imagine.

And in case you are wondering - why this blog now? I need to catch up on those early, pre-blogging, events to complete the record - and to really provide A RUNNING START.


Bug said...

I remember that race! Loads of fun I say! Loads of fun! I thoroughly enjoyed playing with Karens hair. And hey! Its pasta! It cant be too lame. :)
I full heartedly agree with you. No matter what we do, as long as keep moving forward we are making a difference in some way. So, we should be sure that difference is a positive in the right directional :)
I still to this day am so impressed by you and karens determination and drive to complete such a lofty goal. N one could be better equipped to finish such a goal though. You always have been an example of goal setting and fulfillment of said goals.
Congratulations on a goal near completion, and such a noteworthy one at that.
Love you daddy!

Super Daysh said...

Gotta love those hair-do pics of Karen in there- those were my favorite- include more of the blackmail pics!! I'm glad you got off to a good start and glad Bug was there to help out. I wish I had known how crazy you are when you started with that race. ;)

Rachel's Mommy said...

KAREN got an award and Carl didn't??? Huh! (good post sweetie!)

princess jen said...

LOVE Karen's hair :) and her award! GO KAREN!!!!!! The Bug is such a great helper. I miss her. This has been quite the goal and quite the adventure and Alysia is right, you are very good at setting goals and achieving them. Way to go!